Unique examples of classic styles....Made in Michigan.

For a list of beers on tap, please see list below.

Subject to change and availability. 

Year Round Beers

Tier 1

Stretch Cream Ale - A refreshingly crisp, lightly-hopped American ale with a mellow, malt finish. 4.5% ABV. $4

Put me in, Kolsch!  - Originated in Cologne, Germany as a top-fermented, lagered beer. It is a clean, crisp, delicately-balanced beer with a very subtle fruit and hop character. Also has a subdued maltiness throughout and leads into a pleasantly well-attenuated and refreshing finish. 5.2% ABV. $4  

Wild Pitch - Part of our Art of Pitching Series. This Berliner Weisse has a nice hint of tartness, notes of lemon, and has a great wheat backbone. 3.7% ABV. $4

Hefeweizen - This German Wheat style beer is very well balanced with the perfect amount of banana and clove esters. Nice and hazy, this beer is sure to cool you down on any hot day. 5% ABV. $4  

Mitten Pale Ale - A clean and delicate balance of Cascade hops and Biscuit malt. Crisp, floral, and inviting. 5.4% ABV. $4

Relief Session IPA - Our low-gravity IPA showcases Citra hops set against a sweet but simple malt bill. 4.5% ABV. $4  

Triple Crown Brown - World Beer Cup Silver Medalist. A sessionable, malt-forward English brown ale with light chocolate and roasted malt character. 4.2% ABV.  $4

Rain Delay - This lightly dry hopped dark ale showcases a clean roasted malt bill and is complemented with the ever so flavorful cascade hop. 5.9$ ABV. $4

Tier 2

Country Strong IPA - Our house IPA showcases assertive Simcoe and Centennial hop flavors and aroma. 7% ABV. $5

Bestside Lager - A pre-prohibition style lager that takes you back to a time where if we were caught brewing this beer we would have been thrown in the slammer. This beer is very malt forward, crisp, and refreshing. Perfect to wash down a nice tasty piece of pizza! 5% ABV. $5

Corkscrew - Part of our Art of Pitching Series this rye stout features a chocolaty, roasted rye malt bill. In addition to a subtle french oak note, this beer is definitely different and impressive. 7.5% ABV. $5

Schwarzstop - This delicious schwarzbier is a tradtional black lager that has a solid clean roasty finish with notes of chocolate, caramel, and toffee. 6.3% ABV. $5

Black Betsy Coffee Stout - Nice malty robust stout brewed with local coffee from Rowsters in Easttown. 5.6% ABV. $5 

Mitten Milk Stout - A sweet milk stout with a hint of chocolate that will keep you coming back for more of this frothy nitro goodness. 5.4% ABV. $5  

high gravity/Specialty

Tier 3

Aquavit Barrel Aged Olut Kaupunki Sahti -  Our Tree Beer for the month! This Sahti is a Finnish style beer aged in Long Road Distillery's Aquavit Barrels. The interesting taste of juniper definitely goes unnoticed in addition to using Kolsch and Hefeweizen yeast it also gives off a nice clean banana ester that is sure to impress any Scandinavian style connoisseur. 9% ABV. $6

Dock's NO - NO DIPA - One of our best double IPA's featuring all Mosaic hops and delicious honey that help balance out the bitterness of this monster DIPA. 9% ABV. $6

Big Fella- A thick, robust, chocolaty imperial porter. 8% ABV. $6

wines and ciders

Hard Cider- Made in partnership with Cascade Winery. 6.5% ABV. $5

Riesling (Semi-Dry) - Made in partnership with Fenn Valley Vineyards. 11.6% ABV. $5

Left Coast Red Wine - Made in partnership with Fenn Valley Vineyards. 12.5% ABV. $5