Brewer Jason “Hollywood” Warnes talks about Big Train Strong Ale

Mitten Brewing Co. brewer Jason Warnes talks about his take on strong ales.

He talks about the continuous effort to improve The Mitten’s beers, such as Big Train and the flagship Country Strong IPA.

“We may like our beers, they may be up to our standards,” Warnes said. “But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to make them better.”

That statement is one that shows some breweries do strive to be better, unlike a statement in this Denver Post article that questions the quality of 8 or 9 of ten breweries in the United States.  Another post detailed the issue further as the Craft Brewers Conference is in Denver this week.

It should be no secret The Mitten has dumped batches to avoid compromising the quality and brewers Warnes and Wob Wanhatalo, and Director of Brewing Operations (and owner) Chris Andrus always strive to improve every batch to ensure the best product is hitting customers lips.

The video was produced by Hivemind.GR. Watch below:

THE BIG TRAIN – american strong ale from HIVEMIND_GR on Vimeo.

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